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Many Women, Many Stories: Conference Application

We appreciate your interest in submitting your offering for the MWMS Conference.

Submission guidelines

If selected, you will need to include a clear headshot photo.

Please answer these five questions with sufficient detail to give us a sense of what you want to share at the MWMS conference.

1. What is the theme or life lesson of your story? 
for example, self-healing is possible, and to be empowered in navigating your healthcare

2. What are three nuggets of truth people will take away after hearing your story?

3. Does your journey predominantly focus on physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual
transformation, and how so?

4. Identify a real-life shift you made due to your journey.

5. How have you reframed your story in a way that has inspired you to move into a different expression of YOU that will inspire others?

6. If you were in a profession before a significant life transition/event, how did your professional
experience prepare you to move into a new expression of your talents? i.e., librarian/Akashic
record reader, teacher/shaman.


Additional points for speaker template:

You will have 45 minutes to speak AND integrate your message to the audience.
How do you plan to give the audience an experience of what you are talking about? Or incorporate something participatory for the audience to engage with your story. For example, movement, dance, breathwork, divine imagination, and drawing...

You may complete the form below or send your information directly to

woman writing

Thanks for submitting!

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